Alside Windows

Made in the NW for the NW

I partner with Alside, since 1947 Alside has grown to be one of the largest and oldest window manufacturers in U.S. Manufactured in Fife, WA, these windows are made in the NW for the NW. With a local Distribution Center near PDX, this means any service or warranty issues are addressed locally and quickly.


What makes Alside triple pane Windows so energy efficient? It’s the ClimaTech TG2 Low-E glass. Climatech TG2 insulated glass package combines multi-layered low-emissivity (Low-E) glass and argon gas. In the winter, it holds the warm, expensive air inside. In summer, it repels heat and glare while filtering out most of the ultraviolet rays which can fade carpet, furniture and flooring.

It’s no secret that Oregon advocates going green. In fact, the Energy Trust of Oregon offers cash incentives for installing energy efficient windows that reduce your carbon footprint, and your heating and cooling cost. Triple pane windows are up to 50% more energy efficient than most double pane windows and as a high rated Level 3 Trade Ally of Energy Trust of Oregon, I will help you get the maximum cash incentive allowed. More than 2X the amount of most double pane windows.

I used 52% less energy than my neighbors. My rank for the last month was #2 out of 100 neighbors and I am in the top 5% for saving energy…..Kathleen

The windows have kept the heat out this summer so effectively that the guest thought we had air conditioning……Dean & Sharon

When getting quotes, ask about the U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain located on the NFRC sticker. The U-Factor is a rating of the heat reflected back into your home and the Solar Heat Gain is a rating of the heat reflected away from your home. The lower the numbers the more energy efficient the windows are. The U-factor must .30 or less to get a cash incentive from Energy Trust of Oregon. WARNING: Some of my competitors are selling low grade, narrow frame double pane windows with a .30 U-Factor. Alside’s maximum performance triple pane windows score much higher (.17 - .25) than most double pane, which rewards my customers with a higher cash incentive and greater energy efficiency, If they claim not to know the U-Factor or work with Energy Trust of Oregon…WARNING…WARNING!

Window Type: Triple Pane Window Type: Double Pane
U-Factor: 0.17 - 0.25 U-Factor: 0.28 - 0.30
Estimated Cash Incentive: $4.00/sq. ft. Estimated Cash Incentive: $1.75/sq. ft.

Installed & Backed by Alside

My window manufacture provides the installation crews to insure expert installation for your home. These installers are highly experienced and will make sure your windows are expertly installed. Since the windows are custom manufactured and installed by Alside, my customers get peace of mind knowing that both the windows and installation are backed by Alside with one of the best warranties in the industry.

My husband installed doors and windows for 30 years (retired) and he said the installers were the best he’s seen. The windows are great and the price was even greater…..Yelp Review from Charles in Estacada

Triple pane window Triple pane window

Triple Pane Fairfield 80 Series

I trust Alside’s triple pane windows because they are custom made and precision-engineered with high quality materials. They feature tightly welded corners and premium virgin vinyl frames to deliver energy-saving innovation with a touch of elegance. Available in a variety of styles and openings.

  1. Premium vinyl mainframe and sashes are colored throughout (white-clay-almond) – won’t chip, peel, crack or warp and never needs to be painted.
  2. Multi-chambered mainframe and sash construction creative effective insulating air spaces for thermal efficiency.
  3. 1” thick insulated glass unit with optimal air space improves year round performance.
  4. PPG Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer System helps block the transfer of heat and cold for reduced energy use.
  5. Full weatherstripping on the perimeter provides greater energy savings.
  6. Metal reinforcement in the locking rail increases rigidity and strength.
  7. ClimaTech TG2 triple-glazed unit with 2 surfaces of Low-E glass and 2 spaces of argon gas.
  8. Drop-in glazing for added energy efficiency and interior aesthetic appeal.
  9. Full capture sill enhances protection from air and water infiltration.
  10. Hidden screen track for added beauty.